A co-founder of Polkadot (DOT) resigns as CEO of Parity to focus on mass crypto adoption strategies

Gavin Wood is resigning as CEO of Parity, the company responsible for the interoperable blockchain Polkadot (DOT).

Gavin Wood, co-creator of Polkadot, explains in a recent corporate blog post that he is quitting his role to devote more time to making blockchain technology more relevant to the general public.

“Therefore, I will have more time to concentrate on the tasks that I like and where I can contribute the most to the company’s objective. I’ll be refocusing my attention on determining how we can make Polkadot and Web3 more relevant to huge segments of the public. This will begin by assisting the community in designing and implementing a number of chain-integrated social primitives that I believe are essential for us to create a truly Web3 platform.”

Wood, who is also a co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), asserts that his skill set is better suited for more hands-on tasks like coding and design.

“The position of CEO has never been one that I desired”. I can play the role of CEO adequately for a short time, but it’s not where I’ll find permanent bliss. A successful CEO has to be much more accessible to others.

They must take pleasure in representing the organisation both internally and internationally. They should not be concerned by significant chunks of their time being consumed by meetings and phone calls with a multitude of colourful boxes on their calendar.”

According to the blog post, Wood will remain the company’s biggest shareholder and accept the role of chief architect, while Bjorn Wagner, the company’s co-founder will assume the role of CEO.

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