A leaked memo guides Committee to support Gensler ahead of crypto hearings 

A memo was leaked by Eleanor Terrett of Fox Business, which confirmed that US democrats are planning to attack the crypto companies.

Just a few weeks ago, US officials confirmed that they planned several important hearings on increasing demand to bring clear crypto regulation in the US and address the SEC’s enforcement action against the crypto companies.

On 10 May 2023, Eleanor Terrett of Fox Business shared a memo on Twitter and confirmed that the memo was already circulating among the Democrat Committee members before the hearing on digital assets. 

Terrett explained that the memo was suggesting House Financial Services Committee members support the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) body & its chairman Gary Gensler despite the regulatory body’s strict enforcement action against the crypto companies.

The leaked memo also alleged that all the crypto assets are Securities & it is the crypto’s problem not the regulators. Also all the crypto companies are violating laws for not following the existing traditional financial rules. 

Further memo also guided the hearing committee to support more budget for regulators to enhance their ability to take action against crypto related bad actors and if anyone will support budget cost cutting for the regulatory bodies then surely that member doesn’t want better Investor protection.

In short, the memo already guided the participants to forcibly manipulate the discussion in favour of the SEC body, which has been taking strict action against the crypto companies without any clear regulation system.

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