Accredited Webcomic Creators Maya & Yehuda Devir Launch Their XOXO NFTs Collection

Tel Aviv, Israel, 5th April, 2022, Chainwire

The creators of the popular WebComic “One of Those Days” are venturing into the world of non-fungible tokens. The XOXO collection will launch shortly and aims to break the rules of how NFT collections have worked until today.

The popular WebComic “One of Those Days” is created by Maya and Yehuda Devir. In their comics, the married couple portrays their everyday life in a humorous and honest way, with NO FILTERS, since they were a young, wild, and free couple until this day as young and not so much wild free parents. The popular comic has established a community of over 9 million fans worldwide, all of whom eagerly follow the couple’s lives across different social media platforms.

Maya and Yehuda have published five books, #1 Amazon Best Sellers, were part of dozens of comics and design conventions globally, held TEDx lectures, received the YouTube silver creators award, won the “Most Creative Content Makers” at the INFLOW GLOBAL Summit 2019 Award, introduced an online course for aspiring artists and content makers, and made a successful documentary series, named  “The Heartists“, where they present a week in their creative lives. Their documentary noted over 20 million views on their social media assets

Today, the married couple ventures into the world of NFTs, an exciting vertical in the blockchain space.

“Our XOXO collection will bring added value to the non-fungible token industry as their collection will do things never tried before and break the rules of how NFT collections “should” work. From a very early stage in our career, we understood that our real strength is our audience. They changed our lives, they made us who we are today. Now it’s our time to return them a favor and create for them a digital asset with a potentially unlimited value that can change their lives, exactly like they changed ours”. -Maya Devir-

The XOXO collection features two characters that will alternate along with the collection. It will raise the description regarding our necessity for relationship and love and will attack it from all directions through humor, fantasy, realism, and even darkness. Every piece in the collection will contain not only the highest quality of art by two of the most well-known comic artists in the world today but also a story, a philosophy about relationships.  

Moreover, the XOXO collection lowers the barriers to entry for those who remain skeptical about NFTs. Users do not need NFT expertise to relate to the stories being told or appreciate the art. Anyone can identify with the collection’s characters and their evolving story. Establishing a powerful combination of art and story is crucial for the creators.

The XOXO collection features 101 unique couples and spans 10,101 pairs of NFTs. Every couple has a dedicated story with various rarity levels. More importantly, the collection has various levels of utility, including:

  • Priority access to convention tickets.
  • Special guests of Maya & Yehuda in future global comic events.
  • Books and merch from their successful comics “One of Those Days”.
  • High-quality art supplies, hand-picked by the artists.
  • Exclusive fan art collaborations.
  • Online private courses with Maya and Yehuda.
  • An all-inclusive meetup with a lucky fan.
  • And more soon to come!

Maya and Yehuda want to give back to their fans and the sponsors they worked with over the years. The XOXO collection enables them to achieve this goal through a digital medium that transcends borders, genders, nationalities, and ages.

For more information on the XOXO project, visit Linktree.  

About XOXO Project

XOXO is a passion project by Maya & Yehuda Devir. Always eager to innovate, the decision to transcend their art to the Blockchain simply made sense.


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