Amazon hiring AI engineers to develop ChatGPT’s rival

Reportedly Amazon is planning to develop ChatGPT like AI bot, to bring a better level of customer experience. 

Amazon Inc. is an American multinational technology company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, and digital streaming. In the present time, cloud computing & e-commerce business of this firm is a top source of revenue for the firm. This giant firm already has its blockchain team. 

On 15 May 2023, Bloomberg noted that Amazon is hiring for new position roles in the company, which has talents in AI technology. 

Bloomberg report claimed that Amazon is probably planning to develop an AI chatbot, more similar to ChatGPT, to provide a better user experience in its web store for customers. 

However, it will be too early to comment against such claims because Amazon already recently debuted its own “Bedrock” artificial intelligence (AI) foundational models.

AI tech, Web3, & Crypto

Over the last 5 months, AI technology-based tools grabbed huge popularity in the internet world. The majority of the crypto projects are willing to bring AI technology into the Web3 infrastructure, to provide better service for internet users without any need for a centralised body.

Recently OpenAI CEO Sam Altman reportedly planned to raise $100 million for his crypto project World Coin. Through the Worldcoin crypto project, engineers are focused on providing a Global I’d verification system with the use of AI technology.

The majority of the AI focussed development are in the initial phase and it is expected that the majority of the tech giants will reduce their workforce after the completion of the development of AI tools because AI tool will handle almost every online work without any error.

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