Ambire x Collab Brings Real World Goods & Services to Crypto Users

Sofia, Bulgaria, 8th November, 2022, Chainwire

Ambire Wallet has launched its latest plug-in integration and partnership: the app is now available straight from the Ambire Wallet dApp Catalog.

Ambire is the first open-source self-custodial smart contract wallet that focuses on improving the crypto user journey.

The release is celebrated with an exclusive crypto-prize promotion for Ambire users. The promo event takes place between Thursday, the 3rd and the 17th of November, 2022. 

Plug-in Partnerships for Web3 

The collaboration between the two Web3 products comes as a natural step for Ambire Wallet, who released its plug-in system and dApp Catalog earlier this fall. This transformed the smart contract wallet into a direct Web3 access point, offering a curated collection of popular dApps that users can interact with on twelve EVM chains, straight from their dashboard.

test 16678982162q5UTvNnn3 in the Ambire dApp catalog is made by industry veterans, the product is an elegant solution that allows users to purchase from a selection of thousands of different gift cards with coverage in over 40 countries and supporting thousands of different crypto currencies over several blockchains. Built on Web3 and decentralized settlement rails acts as a new and transformative off-ramp solution.

The integration of the dApp in the Ambire Wallet Catalog marks a partnership that opens crypto to real-life goods and services. With just a few clicks, users are now able to choose and purchase experiences that merge the digital and physical worlds, by swapping their crypto assets for gift cards (vouchers), directly from the comfort of their Ambire Wallet dashboards.

The integration launch is accompanied by a two-week promotional event that offers Ambire users the chance to win 1,000 USD in crypto prizes. There are several prize tiers available, while winners will be chosen randomly via lucky draw. 

More about the promotion and participating details here.

About Ambire

Ambire is a web3 product company. Founded in 2017, it developed the first decentralized ad  network AdEx Network (later rebranded to Ambire AdEx), the largest payments channels network on Ethereum.  In 2021 the company launched Ambire Wallet, a self-custody open-source smart contract wallet, currently hosting more than 80,000 registered users.

Our flagship product, Ambire Wallet, is the self-custody open-source smart wallet focused on security and crypto UX. With an interface that is easy to use and familiar, it makes navigating the world of Web3 a smooth and pleasant experience.

Ambire AdEx is the first open-source decentralized advertising platform that focuses on transparency and user privacy. It reduces ad fraud, and offers real-time blockchain verified reporting and micropayments per impression.

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