Andy Jassy believes cryptocurrency importance will continue to grow

E-commerce giant, Amazon, is very optimistic about cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The CEO of Amazon Andy Jassy believes the value of digital assets “will increase significantly” over time, and the growth of NFTs will continue.

Andy Jassy on crypto payments and NFT

Andy Iaşi, CEO of Amazon, talked to CNBC yesterday about cryptocurrency and non-convertible token trading (NFT). His company was taken over by Jeff Bezos as CEO last July. He previously held a leadership position at Amazon Web Services. The company is a subsidiary of Amazon and offers cloud platform and web hosting services.

Answering the question about whether Amazon would accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for products on its platform, the CEO stated that “so far, we don’t anticipate adding cryptocurrencies to our retail business.” But he also added that “over time we will see cryptocurrencies become even bigger.”

In response to a question about whether he owns any cryptocurrencies, the AMAZON CEO deflected by stating that “he does not own bitcoin.”

When asked if Amazon might start trading NFTs, Jassy responded, “I think it is possible on this platform.” He pointed out that he personally doesn’t have any NFTs, but shared his forecast, saying, “NFTs will grow significantly in the near future.”

Amazon hires crypto experts

In November last year, Amazon published a job offer for a chief digital asset specialist, helping to promote adoption of cryptocurrency in various segments of the company. With this job, AWS would be recruiting more cryptocurrency experts.

In addition, Amazon published a job posting last June for a digital currency and blockchain expert to join its payment acceptance and customer service teams. The role is to develop the company’s strategy for digital currencies and blockchain, as well as a product roadmap.

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