Bitcoin Can Now Be Received Immediately By Baseball Fans

A new Lightning collaboration will let fans of the Perth Heat scan QR codes after stolen bases and home runs, paying them instantaneously with bitcoin.

The most successful baseball club in the Australian Baseball League, the Perth Heat, has launched a new collaboration that pays supporters with bitcoin whenever a Perth Heat player steals a base or hits a home run.

The cooperation with Bitrefill, Wallet of Satoshi, and IBEX will enable fans to “Steal Sats” by scanning a QR code shown on the game stream or the team’s social media platforms whenever a player makes an outstanding play. By checking the code with a Lightning-enabled wallet, fans will get their prize quickly, offering a revolutionary fan engagement mechanism that adds to the excitement of exciting game moments.

Steven Nelkovski, CEO of the Perth Heat, said in a news release from Bitcoin Magazine, “We are happy to introduce Stealing Sats in cooperation with Bitrefill, Wallet of Satoshi, and IBEX.” “This is an inventive method to interact with our followers and provide them something fresh and intriguing. We feel this initiative will improve the spectator experience and encourage our players to perform at their highest level on the field.”

The baseball club made waves in 2021 when it became the first professional sports team to embrace a Bitcoin standard and use Lightning. After that, the Heat demonstrated their intention to further incorporate Bitcoin by implementing Lightning services across their stadium and fan experiences. The organization then unveiled “sats4stats,” a mechanism for fans to increase the statistics of their favorite players through the Lightning Network.

Bitrefill’s Australia manager, Chris Pavlesic, said, “With Stealing Sats, fans may now engage in the game in a whole new manner, and we are curious to watch how this evolves over time.”

Daniel Alexiuc, CEO of Wallet of Satoshi, said, “The whole Wallet of Satoshi team is really enthusiastic about Stealing Sats with Perth Heat… That is such a creative method to demonstrate that Bitcoin is simple and accessible to everyone.”

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