Blockchain Company Asks Nevada State for Permission to Develop a Crypto ‘Smart City’ in Storey Region

According to a report published by the Associated Press, Blockchains LLC intends to build the city of cryptocurrencies within its 67,000 acres of land located in East Reno. The app is not limited to Blockchains LLC.

The CEO of the company, Jeffrey Berns, wants neighborhood authorities to approve other businesses with the go-ahead to perform comparable tasks in the state.

According to the CEO of the company, if they obtain authorization, the company will undoubtedly develop its own regulations, as they will be given power over structural institutions and also over law enforcement.

The city of cryptocurrencies also envisions launching an economic situation based on electronic money, where locals can acquire items and also spend on solutions that use cryptographic properties.

They do not want to restrict the task to the digitization of an economic situation. The smart city intends to record monetary statements, medical records, and individual information on the blockchain.

The city will certainly be located 12 miles east of Reno. The proposal also intends to develop 15,000 residences from 2022, if the company obtains authorization.

Long-term, specifically within 75 years, Blockchains LLC would love to develop 33 million square feet of commercial and commercial space.

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