Cardano (ADA) Joins the Top Purchases of the Largest BNB Chain Whales

The native token of Cardano is once again one of the most looked-at purchases by institutional investors on the BNB Chain platform. The top 100 investors in ADA spent an average of $2.750 (or 10,308 tokens) during the previous 24 hours, as reported by WhaleStats.

Wrapped Cardano tokens are a popular purchase among BNB Chain whales, making up 0.67 percent of their entire holdings as of this writing. Their total assets are worth around $5.15 million, or 19.34 million ADA.

BscScan reports that there are now 506,404 unique addresses holding Binance-Peg Cardano tokens. There are now 1.1% more of these wallets than there were at the start of December, a rise of 6,000.

Cardano had a good week overall, and it concluded on a high note. The weekly update states that the total number of active blockchain projects is currently 111, thanks to the debut of three new ones.

There has also been a notable increase in the number of smart contracts created on the Cardano platform Plutus, which has risen by 400 in the previous week and is now very near to the 5,000 milestones.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Lace wallet is now accessible for public testing, in addition to the quantitative measurements. In addition, progress is being made in proving the viability of Hydra and Mithril.

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