Cardano Developers Launch new Crucial New Toolkit for Sidechains Compatible with Ethereum

The development team behind Ethereum (ETH) competitor Cardano (ADA), Input-Output Global (IOG), has announced the availability of a new toolkit that enables the creation of sidechains on the Cardano network.

According to a blog post by IOG, using this toolkit allows developers to create chains that are compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) but have their own consensus method and other features.

It intends to let developers do essential activities, such as transferring data and assets between the main chain and bespoke sidechains and safeguarding sidechain launches and smaller chains. Additionally, the toolbox enables developers to experiment, incubate, and do research.

The invention of Sidechains opens the path for the widespread adoption of Cardano by providing much faster throughput without compromising decentralisation or security. Blockchain developers can construct custom sidechains more simply. 

This month, IOG plans to release a new toolset that will enable the community to run decentralized apps (DApps), construct smart contracts, and move tokens across testing environment chains.

“There are several opportunities for development, and there are numerous methods to operate a sidechain. However, we expect that what we have created internally at IOG will give a core set of capabilities and establish the groundwork for expanding a set of tools and creating further enhancements in collaboration with the community.”

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