Cash App founder Lee’s death was not a part of street violence: WSJ 

A new report alleged that Bob Lee’s death is linked to his drug consumption & all-night parties, not street violence in San Francisco.

Bob Lee was the founder of the Bitcoin payment app CashApp. In 2013, he founded the payment app under the name Square Cash. In 2022, CashApp added lightning network-enabled Bitcoin payment services. Lee was also involved in the Crypto project “MobileCoin”. Because of the MobileCoin project, Lee also grabbed huge popularity in the crypto sector.

Reportedly on 4 April of this year, Bob was found dead in San Francisco. At the time, a few people claimed an unknown attacker stabbed him in a street in San Francisco. 

On 15 May, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported an investigation into this case and found that Lee was deeply engaged in several bad activities like the consumption of drugs (ecstasy, ketamine, cocaine) and taking part in late-night long parties. 

According to the WSJ report, there may be chances that Lee’s death is deeply related to the underground parties that feature recreational drug use and casual sex in certain affluent tech circles. 

San Francisco & violence

Through the reporting, the WSJ media tried to dismiss the violence in San Francisco. But, over a couple of years, many crypto companies claimed that San Francisco was not safe for their night shift business because of robbers in almost every street in San Francisco.

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