Charles Hoskinson claims that Cardano wants a “certified wallet” to improve performance

Charles Hoskinson, the inventor of Cardano (ADA), continues to promote various improvements to the decentralized finance (DeFi) blockchain amidst its continuous huge development. Hoskinson has described Cardano’s ambition for a certified ADA wallet in this passage.

Hoskinson said in a September 28 videocast that Cardano intends to abandon the original wallet concept in Favour of a blueprint with established criteria to support developers in developing certified wallets.

Hoskinson noted that the established requirements may serve as a guideline for the rest of the community in producing an ADA-compliant wallet.

“We intend to eliminate the concept of an official wallet in Favour of a certified wallet as opposed to a non-certified one. Under the certification criteria, you may include benchmarking and performance requirements for user experience, as well as functional and non-functional requirements. It would be quite great to develop standards to speed up operations. That was the objective,” Hodkinson said.

It is important to note that Cardano has undergone substantial growth in recent years, as shown by the number of ADA wallets. Finbold claimed on August 3 that the number of ADA wallets has topped 3.5 million.

“We appreciate the notion that the community wants to touch fundamental infrastructure, since this is the whole purpose of a members-based organization and the concept of a technical fellows program, which allows you to decouple needs and specifications from actual implementations,” he said.

This notion is consistent with Hoskinson’s prior efforts to attract additional developers to the Cardano platform. As reported by Finbold, Hoskinson said that the developers are required due to the volume of continuing network construction.

His request was made before the successful launch of the Vasil hard fork, which aims, among other things, to increase the network’s smart contract potential.

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