CitiBank Tests Private Equity Tokenization on Avalanche

 In a move signaling growing interest in blockchain technology, CitiBank, a global financial powerhouse, has successfully simulated the tokenization of a private equity fund on the Avalanche blockchain network. This experiment, part of Project Guardian with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, could pave the way for wider adoption of distributed ledger technology on Wall Street.

The simulation also tested a Request for Streaming (RFS) application for simulated spot FX trading, suggesting broader applicability beyond private equity. Notably, the project utilized Avalanche’s native interoperability feature, Warp Messaging, eliminating the need for third-party bridges, a key pain point in the blockchain space.

Ava Labs President John Wu emphasized Avalanche’s suitability for building institutional-grade applications due to its speed, scalability, and customization. In line with this, CitiBank’s Puneet Singhvi sees such simulations as catalysts for regulatory-compliant adoption of blockchain technology.

The simulation explored tokenizing a hypothetical private equity fund issued by Wellington and using it as collateral in an automated lending contract. This showcases the potential for wider applications of blockchain-powered securities.

Following the successful simulation, CitiBank reportedly plans to evaluate offering tokenization services to institutional clients, a decision expected in the coming weeks. This move builds upon their September launch of a digital asset service for clients.

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