Crypto Analyst Flips Bullish on Ethereum, Predicts Steady Rally for ETH in Coming Months

Expert Crypto Strategist Predicts Ethereum (ETH) Surge Despite Recent Altcoin Market Correction

A highly regarded crypto strategist has expressed confidence in Ethereum’s potential for a significant surge, showcasing its relative strength amidst the recent downturn in altcoin markets. Rekt Capital, a pseudonymous analyst with a substantial Twitter following of 346,700, highlights that Ethereum has successfully retested the crucial $1,719 support level.

This bullish retest signifies a promising outlook, with the crypto strategist suggesting that ETH could experience a rally of over 23% in the coming months. Emphasizing the stability of Ethereum’s price within the orange box’s base, Rekt Capital asserts that holding this level would pave the way for ETH to follow the projected blue path, ultimately revisiting the top of the orange box.

Analyzing the trader’s chart, it becomes apparent that a steady Ethereum rally is anticipated, leading the cryptocurrency towards the $2,275 mark by September. At the time of writing, ETH is currently trading at $1,737, reflecting a modest 1% increase over the past 24 hours.

Despite Rekt Capital’s optimistic stance on Ethereum, fellow analyst Justin Bennett offers a more cautious perspective, noting that ETH still faces significant pressure while trading below crucial resistance levels. Bennett remarks on the challenges facing crypto bulls this week, specifically highlighting the vulnerability observed in markets like ETH.

In summary, while Ethereum enjoys the support of a respected crypto strategist anticipating a substantial rally, it’s worth considering differing viewpoints regarding ETH’s ongoing struggle to overcome key resistance levels.

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