Cryptocurrency market capitalization returned to over $2 trillion

Bitcoin was in a bearish mood recently, but just a few minutes ago it reached a record high – 42 thousand USD. The situation is similar on the altcoin market. The recovery has brought the global capitalization of the digital asset market back above $2 trillion.

Altcoins declined on Monday, and the charts of all major cryptocurrencies were in the red. Yesterday, there was a rebound.

Ether during the correction at the beginning of the week fell to the level of $ 2,900, but yesterday it recovered $ 3,000 and is currently around $ 3,150. The situation is similar for binance coin and ripple, whose odds are $427 and $0.76, respectively.

Cardano, avalanche, dogecoin and shiba inu also recorded several percent daily increases. Solana, terra and polkadot increased by more than 5% each. As a result, SOL currently costs $110, LUNA $96, and DOT $19.

The recently released native coin of Bored Ape Yacht Club – ApeCoin – did the best. It increased by more than 30% and is currently trading around $16.5.

The cryptocurrency market capitalization grew by about $60 billion in one day, surpassing $ 2 trillion for the second time.

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