Di Iorio is leaving the world of cryptocurrencies. He says space is not safe

Anthony Di Iorio, the Co-Founder of Ethereum, said he is done with the cryptocurrency industry partly due to personal safety concerns.

This decision was made partly for security reasons by Di Iorio. He did not provide details, but he said that he didn’t want to be “a guest of cryptocurrency.” He wants to be “a guy dealing with complex issues.”

Since 2017, Di Iorio had a security crew that accompanied him to wherever he went. He plans on selling Decentral Inc. over the next few weeks to refocus and invest in philanthropy and ventures that aren’t related to crypto. The Canadian plans to break ties with another startup he is involved with and does not plan on funding any more blockchain projects.

Background of Di Iorio

Di Iorio, Charles Hoskinson Vitaliek Yeterin, and Gavin Wood created Ethereum in 2013. This project has grown to be a network that can create thousands of new projects. The market value of Ethereum has reached $225 billion. Di Iorio resigned from the project a few years after it was created. Di Iorio created Decentral, an innovation center in Toronto that is focused on decentralized technology. This was where he worked until now. Jaxx, a well-known cryptocurrency wallet, was created by the company. The portfolio had over one million users in 2021.

Di Lorio worked at Decentral as well as advising many start-ups focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Forbes estimated that Di Lorio’s net worth was approximately $1 billion because of his exposure and early investment in many projects.

The founder now claims the industry is becoming dangerous.

I don’t necessarily feel safe in this space. If I was focused on bigger problems, I think I would be safer.

However, he did not specify what security risks and concerns he meant.

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