EdTech create Metaverse Education Partnership to assist Web3 makers

As an increasing number of blockchain developers attempt to construct in the virtual world, there has been an increase in the creation of educational programs and venues inside Web3 and the metaverse.

According to the information given with Finbold on November 29, the CEO of Learnoverse and BitDegree, Danielius Stasiulis, formally inaugurated the Metaverse Education Alliance (MEA) during the education side event of MetaExpo Singapore, the Web3 and Metaverse Education.

The MEA is a worldwide initiative with the goal of fostering cooperation amongst the leading Web3 and Metaverse EdTech operators and key stakeholders.

The meeting stated that between 70 and 150 million brains will be required to bring the metaverse into reality by 2030. Given the significance of Web3 education to the creation of the metaverse, it is anticipated that around 7 million instructors will be necessary to educate the generation that will construct the metaverse.

Participants at the event agreed that, given the present situation of the crypto market, the Web3 and metaverse ecosystems must work together to develop an educational program for talent creation via MEA and other programs.

As part of the MEA Pledge, members agree to preserve common objectives such as equal-opportunity learning, global education accessibility, and the establishment of protocols for the responsible certification of educational materials.

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