Ethereum Competitor Solana (SOL) Launches New Crypto-Friendly Mobile Phone ‘Saga’

Solana (SOL), a cryptocurrency designed to compete with Ethereum (ETH), has announced that it would begin distributing its flagship device, the Saga, this month.

Anatoly Yakovenko, a co-founder of Solana Labs, said Thursday in San Francisco that the company will begin shipping the cryptocurrency-friendly Saga smartphone to pre-order customers on April 20 and would launch the public sale on May 8.

“Today is a very important day for us. We have accomplished what no one believed possible. We built an entire mobile software system and a premier phone to introduce crypto to the mobile era, and now you can experience how crypto should work on a mobile device.”

Solana Labs designed the Android-powered, Web 3.0-enabled smartphone with the intention of expanding the crypto community. Yakovenko states that the device will enable individuals to store and administer their digital assets independently.

“There is a lot of skepticism about the whole sector and you need to have access to your private keys. Can we ever actually achieve that? Can we ever get there? I can’t comprehend a world where a billion people use cryptocurrency and your phone is not your hardware wallet.nSecurity is extraordinarily difficult for mobile wallets and wallets in general, which slows down innovation and user experiences in these wallets.”

Yakovenko explains that the phone’s hardware permits some software to operate independently from the operating system, thereby enhancing its security.

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