Ethereum Software Company ConsenSys Addresses Concerns Regarding Plans To Collect User Data From MetaMask Wallets

ConsenSys, a blockchain software company, clarifies a recent change to its terms of service regarding the collecting of data from users of MetaMask, the leading non-custodial Ethereum wallet.

According to a recent upgrade, Infura, one of ConsenSys’ primary products, will gather wallet and IP address information from MetaMask users who specify it as their preferred node service provider and remote procedure protocol.

ConsenSys claims in a blog post that the latest upgrade does not compromise the privacy of MetaMask users, despite some criticism.

“The policy improvements do not result in more invasive data collecting or data processing, and they were not implemented in response to any regulatory changes or inquiries. Our policy has long indicated that some information is automatically gathered about how users interact with our websites and that this information may include IP addresses.

When users interact with Ethereum or other blockchains, such as by submitting a transaction or obtaining a balance, through an RPC provider such as Infura, the provider gets both the user’s IP address and wallet address in order to perform the service. This is not unique to Infura and is consistent with how web architecture generally functions, however, we continue to investigate technological solutions, including anonymization approaches, to limit this exposure.”

According to ConsenSys, the update was more of a reminder to consumers about how their data is handled and the default node provider, Infura. Additionally, the company states that users may choose a different RPC inside MetaMask.

The revisions to our policy were made in an attempt to educate users about how MetaMask works, including the usage of Infura as the default RPC provider in MetaMask and the opportunity to utilize a user’s own Ethereum node as an alternative to the default RPC provider.

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