Ethereum’s next significant upgrade Shapella is anticipated to launch on the mainnet on April 12

The highly awaited Shanghai-Capella update, or Shapella, will be released on the mainnet on April 12, according to Ethereum core developers.

The most crucial component of the update is Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4895, which attempts to make it possible for validators to remove staked funds from the main network. This essential feature was not implemented in September when Ethereum switched to a proof-of-stake consensus to guarantee a smooth changeover.

In addition to the cutbacks, the Shapella update will include three other changes that engineers hope will reduce the amount of money spent on gas for specific tasks.

Thursday’s discussion with core devs revealed that the update is scheduled for April 12 at 10:27 a.m. UTC, with epoch value of 620,9536.

From the beginning of February, various rounds of public testing have been conducted on three test networks (testnets): Sepolia, Zhejiang, and Goerli. The release of Shapella on the Goerli testnet on Tuesday served as a last dress rehearsal before the mainnet debut the following day. Withdrawals of ETH from each testnet’s collection of validators have been completed without a problem.

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