EU May Fine Microsoft Billions Over Bing AI Practices

Microsoft is under the spotlight in the European Union (EU) concerning potential risks associated with its Bing search engine’s generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) features.

EU Requests Information on Bing’s AI Features:

On May 17, 2024, the European Commission publicly requested information from Microsoft regarding Bing’s generative AI services under the EU’s Digital Services Act. This act empowers the EU to regulate online platforms and content.

The Commission expressed concerns about potential “hallucinations” (AI-generated misleading content), deepfakes (manipulated videos or audio), and the automated manipulation of services that could mislead voters.

Specific features under scrutiny include “Copilot in Bing” and “Image Creator by Designer.” The Commission has set a deadline of May 27, 2024, for Microsoft to respond with the requested information.

Potential Fines for Non-Compliance:

The EU has outlined potential consequences for non-compliance. Microsoft could face a fine of up to 1% of its total annual revenue if it fails to meet the deadline. Additionally, daily penalties of up to 5% of Microsoft’s average daily income could be imposed.

While a 1% fine might not seem significant, for a company like Microsoft with a 2023 revenue of $211 billion, it could translate to a hefty sum exceeding $2 billion. With Microsoft’s projected growth, the potential fine could reach even higher in 2024.

Microsoft Not Found Guilty, But Action Needed:

It’s important to clarify that Microsoft hasn’t been found guilty of violating any EU laws. This is a request for information with potential consequences for non-compliance. The EU is seeking to proactively address potential risks associated with generative AI features in Bing.

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