Florida Governor Takes Steps to Prohibit CBDCs, Urges Other States to Do the Same

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, wants to prohibit central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and is urging other states to follow suit.

In a recent address, Governor DeSantis states that he never wants Florida to adopt CBDCs as a form of currency.

“I am here today to urge the lawmaker to approve legislation prohibiting the use of CBDC as currency under Florida’s business code. This will guarantee that Florida continues to be a state that encourages innovation in the financial industry through the market while safeguarding individuals from government monitoring of their personal affairs. The legislative process should continue.

The law should also restrict CBDCs issued by a foreign reserve or government-sanctioned central bank, given China’s increasing influence in international affairs and the ambition to use CBDCs globally. This will guarantee that no attempt is ever made to implement a global digital currency in the free state of Florida.”

The governor of Florida and likely US presidential contender in 2024 then requests that other states, including Texas, join Florida’s anti-CBDC movement.

“Finally, I’m urging comparable states, like Florida, to put similar laws into their standard commercial code and to resist any revisions that would legally recognize any central bank digital currency.

And I’ve already talked with the Texas lieutenant governor and the Texas senate president; I expect Texas will adopt a similar policy to that of Florida. 

If you can physically grip something, you have control over it. As soon as everything gets digital, someone else will have power over it. “

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