Gil Amelio, Former Apple CEO, Joins Cirus Blockchain Project as Adviser

After a successful and long career at the helm of the tech giant, former Apple chief executive officer (CEO) Gil Amelio has joined blockchain project Cirus to offer his expertise in operations management for their global expansion plans.

“I am excited about joining this team,” said Mr Amelió after accepting an advisory position with Cirus’s board of directors.”

Mr Ameli is one of Silicon Valley’s most experienced entrepreneurs with over 30 years in business leadership positions spanning start-ups like Steven Jobs’ NeXT Computer to leading large corporations such as GE’s Industrial Systems Division.

He is a self-made billionaire who has worked with many of the world’s top technology companies. He believes that Blockchain will change our everyday lives forever, and he wants to be a part of it!

Amelio doesn’t have any formal training as an engineer or programmer, but his understanding of how megatrends in tech are shaping people’s futures led him to become one himself–and quite successfully too. As Amélio sees it, Blockchain could fundamentally shift society from its current model where we’re all “powerless” against oligarchy into something new: decentralized governance systems driven by democratic principles such as transparency and inclusion.

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