Fox Business Host Labels XRP Supporters as “Conspiracy Theorists”

Fox Business anchor Charles Gasparino and the XRP community have been involved in a heated argument. In a recent series of tweets, Gasparino said that XRP supporters need to “grow up” and quit acting like “conspiracy theorists and kids.”

During an interview, the Fox Business host said that he had observed “zero illegal behavior on behalf of Bill Hinman,” the former head of the Business Finance Division of the SEC.

He also noted that this does not necessarily indicate that the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple is justified, but he urged people to “deal with the realities.”

Then, Gasparino criticized what he termed “the (il)logic” underlying Hinman’s claimed criminal intent.

He said that although Joe Biden’s Department of Justice would love to “catch a Trump official breaking the law,” there have been no charges or investigations beyond what he labelled “#XRPers chirping.”

Gasparino warned people who were trying to intimidate or harm him because of his reporting that they should “not follow me” because it would “have no influence.” He begged them not to dismiss the evidence by stating, “Trust me on this.”

Regarding Ripple’s legal difficulties, Gasparino appears determined to investigate the facts and answer any bogus conspiracy claims. It is unclear whether or not his remarks will influence how the XRP community feels about Hinman.

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