India’s anti-corruption effort relies on the Polygon-powered police complaint site

Citizens in Firozabad may now report police misconduct on Polygon’s First Information Report (FIR) without fear of having their report disregarded or modified.

Crime victims may file complaints against police officers using this website, known as the First Information Report (FIR), without fear of their claims being ignored or exploited by dishonest officers.

Nailwal said he was personally invested in the initiative since he had grown up hearing accounts of rape victims who had been denied justice by corrupt local police.

Nailwal said that putting the FIR on the blockchain would “perhaps be a game-changer in securing right to justice” since it would prevent lower-level officials from altering or denying the reports. Nailwal also complimented the police commissioner in his presentation for using technology creatively to promote justice for everyone.

Polygon, blockchain technology, and the people of Firozabad have all received a boost from the news of the Firozabad police department’s declaration.

A former Indian naval officer with 15,200 Twitter followers named srinigoes praised the effort to submit grievances on the blockchain as “an incredible concept” that would guarantee transparency.

In rural areas, “first mover advantage” meant that whoever filed the First Information Report (FIR) first had the upper hand.

Earlier this month, on October 6th, Cointelegraph reported that Polygon had formed an alliance with the OCEEF to increase public awareness of ocean issues by introducing them to deep-sea exploration in novel, entertaining, and educational ways.

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