Input Output reports that Cardano is “Even Closer” to the Vasil Upgrade

According to a statement issued on Thursday, the Cardano development team at Input Output has “made excellent progress” on the Vasil update. As of now, more than 40% of SPOs are using node version 1.35.3.

This implies Cardano’s long-awaited update is halfway complete. The 75% mark has been declared as an objective by Input Output on many occasions. Input Output indicates developers need to finish certain stuff before integrating exchanges.

Among other things, the team will concentrate on upgrading the required settings of the Cardano Wallet. The business won’t update until 25 cryptocurrency trading platforms, representing 80% of the token’s liquidity are involved. In addition, four of the top ten decentralized apps have begun active testing of the current version of the node.

The beginning of the Vasil hard fork has been held up by a number of concerns that are purely technical in nature.

According to a recent article published by U.Today, Cardano has recently been in the news owing to a debate over the testnet; however, it would seem that the community has already moved on.

On Sunday, Input Output’s CEO stated he had “great confidence” in the much-hyped improvement and that the team may complete it “imminently.” He strongly denied the premise that there was a possibility that the Vasil hard fork will not be released this year.

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