IOST Staking is Now Available on Moonstake Platform

Moonstake Wallet announced support for IOST Staking to further simplify staking. Moonstake Wallet supports IOST as the 12th cryptocurrency that can be used for staking purposes. The list also includes Cosmos and Ontology as well as Tezos, Harmony, and Polkadot.

Moonstake’s vision is to be Asia’s largest staking platform. The platform was founded in 2024 and  since then developed an easy-to-use interface for mobile and web wallets. It supports over 2000 cryptocurrencies. The platform’s staking business has seen a $1 billion increase in value since its full-scale launch in August 2020. This makes the platform one of the most popular staking platforms in the world.

IOST, a blockchain network operating at the enterprise level that is designed specifically to target service providers online, is what it is. It’s based on the Proof of Believability protocol. This protocol allows users to transact at lightning speed while also providing high security and authentication credentials. The network is also free of gas fees, which further increases its appeal to target users.

Moonstake is hosting a special campaign to celebrate the partnership. Users can create an account to IOST stake on Moonstake. This campaign will be available between May 24th and May 31st. Don’t miss your chance to make a difference in your life! This extension of staking capabilities will benefit both parties while it will also help the crypto/blockchain industry grow at an impressive pace.


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