Mark Zuckerberg is portrayed as a web3 villain in an upcoming game

Mark Zuckerberg may be a fan of the metaverse, but he may not like this next web3 game. The protagonists in The Rabbit Hole are “supposed to protect Web3 against the corporate dictator, Metazuckbot.”

Metazuckbot controls the in-game ZuckCorp, where the thuggish yet lovable rabbit heroes of the My Pet Hooligan NFT series were formerly imprisoned and forced to harvest Karrot. They’ve been let free to wander the city with the villain’s erstwhile captives, the ZuckBots, who was also just made available as an NFT collection.

AMGI Studios, an independent animation technology business, obtained backing from industry heavyweights such Yield Guild Games, Delphi Digital to create the game. Its 50-person staff includes former COD and Medal of Honor programmers, as well as former Pixar and Disney animators and artists.

We’re constantly looking for new methods to have fun and discuss what we’d like to see in games. The Zuckbot-related mythos was mostly motivated by the reality that large businesses mine our data and make consumers their prey in order to profit. Luke Paglia, C.O.O. and producer, said, “We were essentially tapping into the ethos of what we saw occurring in the world.”

The NFT debut occurred on the same day as Meta’s disappointing Q3 financial report. Following news that Reality Labs, Meta’s metaverse division, had lost $9.4 billion so far this year.

Although Zuckerberg is certain that the metaverse will be a profitable investment, in the long run, he is having problems convincing others, even those inside his own corporation. 58% of Meta workers, according to a May survey, recognized the company’s metaverse strategy.

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