Meta has registered 8 trademarks related to crypto

The Mark Zuckerberg-owned tech empire is planning to pursue new ventures in the area of cryptocurrencies. Meta filed eight trademark applications for its logo on Friday. Most of them pertain to digital assets, such as exchanges, wallets, and tokens.

Among these eight conclusions, six directly relate to cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based technologies. You can view applications by searching for their serial numbers on the patent and trademark office website.

Recently, Meta announced that it plans to integrate NFT into one of its most popular applications – Instagram. Zuckerberg said that at SXSW that users of the platform will be able to mint the clothes of their digital avatars in the form of non-replaceable tokens.

Since NFTs are unique blockchain-based tokens and affirm ownership, they are likely to be included in the “cryptocurrency tokens” category as well. This would allow Instagram and Facebook to introduce an NFT profile picture feature similar to the one Twitter implemented some time ago.

Chinese companies register metaverse trademarks

Chinese companies do not care about the fact that the People’s Bank of China has issued a warning about metaverse and NFT tokens. A few months ago, we reported that companies from the Middle Kingdom are using these two entities. There are more than 1,000 companies in the Middle Kingdom that have applied for trademarks in the virtual world.

Most of the applicants are technology companies. Among them, large corporations such as Huawei and Hisense predominate. The former applies for registration “Meta OS”. Hisense, on the other hand, has applied for several trade marks in different segments, such as social services, advertising and science. The gaming and technology giant Tencent also submitted its application. He has registered nearly a hundred trademarks related to the metaverse, including “QQ Metaverse,” “QQ Music Metaverse,” and “Kings Metaverse.”

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