Nexon Uses Polygon to Advertise Its New Free-to-Play Game, MapleStory Universe

The massive MapleStory brand will join Web3 with its specialized Supernet on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

Since its release in 2012, the game has gained over 180 million subscribers and produced over $4 billion in income for the corporation, which it revealed earlier this year. Furthermore, more than 260 million people have played games on Steam.

Polygon’s Supernets function like Avalanche’s Subnets, providing a partitioned network for specific tasks. They allow for some personalization on the part of developers, and they shield dapps and games from any performance concerns that may arise on the public network.

Since its announcement last year, no release date has been set for MapleStory Universe. Contrary to rumors, Goel has confirmed that there will be no NFT pre-orders and that players can acquire in-game content via NFTs via normal gameplay.

He also noted that the developers “are not pushing for in-app purchases,” referencing the standard microtransactions in iOS and Android mobile games.

Since NFTs are significant in MapleStory Universe, players can buy, sell, and transact with tokenized assets via the game’s in-game economy. In an email exchange with Decrypt, Nexon confirmed that MapleStory Universe would have its cryptocurrency in the future while the specifics are still being worked out.

“We want to issue our own currency, the specifics of which will be made public along with our tokenomics,” the development studio added.

Nexon is a multinational corporation headquartered in South Korea and Japan, yet it makes most of its money in South Korea. Goel of Polygon Labs claims it is far from the only South Korean firm putting effort into Web3.

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