OpenSea claims the market won’t accept NFT forks after the Merge

While the NFT exchange does not make predictions about forks, they have made it clear that they would only provide maintenance for NFTs on the proof-of-stake chain.

OpenSea, a marketplace for nonfungible tokens (NFTs), has stated it would prioritise supporting NFTs on Ethereum’s enhanced proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain as the Ethereum Merge date approaches.

While the NFT marketplace’s staff isn’t making any predictions about forks, they did say on Twitter that OpenSea would only accept the forked chain and that forked NFTs will not be reflected there.

The NFT trading platform also emphasized that its staff is getting ready for any problems during the approaching Ethereum Merge.

The team has informed the community that it will continue to monitor, manage, and communicate with its users during the whole process, despite its confidence that no significant problems will arise. They also suggested that developers read up on the Merge on the Ethereum blog.

Like OpenSea, Chainlink has pledged support for the PoS upgrade of Ethereum’s mainnet. After the Merge, the protocol will no longer be compatible with any future forks of Ethereum.

Economist Lex Sokolin pointed out that the Ether (ETH) price might be impacted by changes in economic design after the Merge in a recent interview with Cointelegraph. According to the economist, the supply of ETH will inevitably be affected by the alterations made to the protocol. However, the economist acknowledged that at this point, nothing is guaranteed and that the token’s price would be determined by market forces.

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