PlayDapp Gaming Platform Hit by $31 Million Hack

PlayDapp, a popular Web3 gaming platform, recently fell victim to a cyber attack, resulting in a significant loss of assets estimated at $31 million. The breach was initially flagged by Cyvers Alerts, a security platform, and later confirmed by PlayDapp. Since the detection of the attack, PlayDapp has been proactive in implementing measures to protect its users’ assets and recover what was lost.

The attack targeted PlayDapp’s deployer address, which was compromised by an unauthorized entity. This allowed the hackers to mint 200 million units of PlayDapp’s native PLA token, valued at $31 million. The stolen assets were then distributed to various addresses, including a significant deposit of $5.9 million worth of PLA on the exchange.

Following Cyvers Alerts’ warning, PlayDapp promptly acknowledged the attack and assured users of its immediate response. Partner exchanges were notified, trading was suspended to address the unauthorized tokens, and efforts were made to minimize the impact on PLA holders.

To further safeguard its assets, PlayDapp transferred all locked and unlocked PLA tokens to a new wallet protected against the influence of the hackers. This precautionary measure was taken to ensure the security of PLA assets on the platform.

In an attempt to resolve the hack, PlayDapp reached out to the hacker with an on-chain message, offering a reward for the return of stolen assets and contracts. While the specifics of the reward were not disclosed, it is common practice for platforms to negotiate with hackers in such situations. However, PlayDapp made it clear that refusal of their offer would prompt involvement of law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, and the deployment of a public bounty on the hacker along with the services of a blockchain security firm.

Despite the setback, PlayDapp remains committed to protecting its users and ensuring the security of its platform.

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