Polygon (MATIC) Crushes New User Activity Milestone as 2022 ends

Layer 2 scaling technique As 2022 came to a close, Polygon achieved a new level of user activity. According to Polygonscan, despite the adverse market circumstances recorded during the year, Polygon has reached 200 million unique addresses.

According to Polygonscan, the total number of unique addresses was 202,407,626 as of December 25, with a daily growth of 599,702.

Despite the fact that 2022 was a challenging year for cryptocurrencies, defined by industrial failures and dropping prices, Polygon saw tremendous cooperation. This contributed to the growth of its unique addresses, which climbed by 54% in 2022.

Reddit’s August introduction of digital collectables powered by Polygon was a wildly successful adoption event. Reddit users have so far generated almost five million collectable avatars.

In May, Meta — previously Facebook — started testing digital collectables feature on Instagram, allowing select U.S. producers to upload NFTs they had produced or acquired.

In November, the company stated that all Instagram users will soon be able to mint, display, and sell digital collections powered by NFTs on Polygon, giving artists a new way to interact with and monetize their fan networks.

Robinhood picked Polygon as the network of choice for the September beta launch of its Web3 wallet. After installing the test version of the software, Robinhood Wallet users will be able to trade tokens, get rewards, and connect to decentralized applications (dApps) without paying any network costs.

Starbucks and Polygon have announced a partnership to develop Flipkart, a Web3-based Indian e-commerce platform, as part of a strategic agreement to build a blockchain-e-commerce centre of excellence (COE).

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