Santiment Analytics Firm Identifies ‘Historic’ Growth Opportunities in Five Lesser-Known Altcoins

Five altcoins may potentially experience “historic opportunities for growth,” according to the cryptocurrency analytics firm Santiment.

Santiment asserts that altcoins are currently displaying “subtle indications of resurgence,” with several lesser-known cryptocurrency assets either within or nearing an oversold opportunity range.

First on the list is DODO, which is the native token of the on-chain liquidity hub bearing the same name. As of the time of this report, DODO is trading at $0.106. This cryptocurrency, ranked 309th by market capitalization, has declined by over 4% in the past 24 hours.

The analytics firm also draws attention to MASK, the governance token of the Mask decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that operates on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The Mask Network serves as a decentralized gateway, granting users access to blockchain functionalities integrated into existing social networks.

MASK is currently trading at $2.59. This cryptocurrency, ranked 146th by market capitalization, has seen a marginal decrease of 0.19% in the past day.

Next on the list is the native currency of the decentralized gaming ecosystem known as Treasure (MAGIC).

MAGIC is currently trading at $0.501, with a market cap ranking of 206th. Over the past 24 hours, this cryptocurrency has experienced a decline of nearly 2%.

The fourth entry is GALA, which is the native token of the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that shares its name. Ranked 86th by market capitalization, GALA is presently trading at approximately $0.0158, reflecting a nearly 2% decrease in the past day.

Santiment’s opportunity chart places the native token of the decentralized derivatives exchange Serum (SRM) in the highest position.

Ranked 801st by market capitalization, SRM is currently trading at around $0.0335 and has seen a decrease of over 3% in the past 24 hours.

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