Sony joins the Theta Network project

Theta Network, a blockchain-based media sharing platform, has actually added Sony’s European research study department as the verifier of its network.
Sony will introduce the Theta Network node
As we know, Sony Europe’s research and development center in Brussels now has blockchain proficiency and will make every effort to “more enhance the worldwide user experience of Theta network.” Simply put, the electronic devices huge sign up with a blockchain project that wishes to run in the multi-media market.

We want to remind you that in 2016 Sony took part in the financing round carried out by Theta Labs, the group responsible for the abovementioned blockchain-based project. At this phase, it was just about gathering the very first resources that are essential to begin developing the web platform.

Magdalena Wasowska, director of Sony Europe R&D Center Europe Brussels Lab, states blockchain innovation can offer reliable “license and rights management tools.” In journalism release, she kept in mind:

At the R&D center, we share Theta Network’s passion for decentralized technologies, and we’re excited about the possibilities blockchain technology can offer creators.

In addition to Sony, members of Theta’s Governing Board consist of business such as Google, Samsung, Binance and Blockchain Ventures.

Part of the network today is THETA, the native token, which is the central tool in the micropayment system on the platform. Presently, the network has 2,740 nodes.

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