The NFT Set of Donald Trump Sold Out in 24 Hours

It seems that Trump’s “big announcement” drew an audience of interested customers. The crypto community has responded with laughter, particularly in light of Trump’s previous remarks referring to cryptocurrencies as “scams.”

The investing website stated, “Trump Digital Trading Cards (NFTs) are designed only as collectibles for personal pleasure and not as investment instruments.”

The collection included 2,533 NFTs that was auctioned for $99 individually, resulting in over $250,000 being raised. Each NFT purchase placed purchasers into a contest for the opportunity to win different prizes, such as a 20-minute meeting with Donald Trump, a zoom call, a golf game, or a celebrity’s signature.

In the meanwhile, purchasers of 45 distinct NFTs received a ticket to a Gala dinner with the previous president attended by 2,000 guests. Each NFT is superior to those acquired with cash, ETH, or WETH.

Exactly one year ago, Melania Trump debuted her own Solana-based NFT line. Proceeds were utilized to generate funds for the education of foster children.

Trump has previously referred to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a “scam” backed by nothing that poses a challenge to the supremacy of the U.S. dollar. Last year, he was nonetheless supportive of his wife’s NFT endeavour.

he stated at the time in a talk with FOX business. “One day, there might be an explosion unlike any we’ve ever seen. It will make the massive tech advance seem childlike. It strikes me as something really risky.”

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