The Sandbox Suffers a Cyber Attack, Phishing Emails Attack Users

The Sandbox, a blockchain-based metaverse firm, has informed its customers of a security compromise caused by a malware program.

According to the company’s official blog post, an outsider broke into an employee’s computer and utilized the data it gathered to send a phishing email claiming to come from The Sandbox. The declaration read:

“We have terminated the employee’s access to all systems, including The Sandbox, cleaned their laptop completely, and changed all passwords (including instituting two-factor authentication where applicable). No other effects have been uncovered at this time.”

The Sandbox claimed that the security compromise, discovered on February 26, gave the third party access to many email accounts. It sent a message fraudulently purporting to be from the firm.

The email’s subject line containing malicious links was “The Sandbox Game (PURELAND) Access.” Using this vulnerability, an attacker might remotely compromise a user’s PC by installing malware on their system and gaining administrative privileges.

The business warned of potential phishing attempts and asked users not to click on any links in phishing emails or other questionable emails to prevent the installation of malware on their machines. It also suggested that people use more complicated passwords and two-factor authentication.

Yet thanks to the Sandbox, we now know that the malware only allowed third-party access to a single employee’s machine. The Sandbox’s other services and accounts were not compromised.

All recipients have been alerted by email, and the employee’s account passwords have been changed. Now, the team is monitoring the issue and trying to improve associated security rules and procedures.

The most recent development comes days after Trezor informed its customers of an active phishing effort to steal assets by requiring them to input the wallet’s recovery phrase on a fake website imitating the hardware cryptocurrency wallet provider’s website.

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