TRON 101 Project Kicks Off with Bonus Pool Totaling $90 Million from APENFT Marketplace

Singapore, Singapore, 21st June, 2022, Chainwire

The TRON 101 project is officially live, divided into two phases: project screening and project support, supported by a bonus pool totaling $90 million from APENFT Marketplace.

In the screening phase, projects will be judged based on their level of completion, operational structure, and post-launch performance. Teams with high-quality coding standards that follow the latest industry trends will receive phased rewards, with prizes up to $20,000. In the support phase, the platform will provide funding and increased exposure for winning projects based on their level of progress and the advantage they bring to the market.

TRON 101 is regarded as an upgrade and extension of the Developer Sprint. With this project, APENFT Marketplace seeks to identify developer teams with novel product design, outstanding operational capacities, and sophisticated engineering skills. All qualified teams will have access to continued financial support.

APENFT Marketplace, under APENFT Foundation, rolled out the Developer Sprint upon the launch of its TestNet in the hope of building a platform that encourages free creation for all developers while enabling every user to own their own NFTs. With a $2 million prize pool, the contest strives to help NFT developer teams build their projects from scratch.

Currently, over 100 teams have passed the review and were rewarded with $20,000 worth of support funds. APENFT Marketplace is now in the MainNet stage.

Since 2021, a wide array of NFT projects have been thrust into the public limelight. Represented by Cryptopunk, BAYC, Loot, and Phanta Bear, these projects are perfectly tailored to people’s needs in the new era by offering unique avatars and digital ownership.

The NFT market, which has benefited from access to high-quality platforms such as OpenSea, SuperRare, Rarible, and Nifty Gateway, also has some vulnerabilities. Too many hyped projects in the market are forcing creative project teams to abandon their work because of a lack of organic users. In contrast, excessive ETH gas fees and the market craze for famous NFTs dissuaded many everyday users from owning their own. As the market sentiment grows, the NFT space is facing a dilemma where only a few developers truly create solutions with the end-user in mind.

With a solid community in the TRON ecosystem and the financial support from the TRON 101 project, APENFT Marketplace aims to become an NFT platform for the Web 3.0 era, incubate a new generation of phenomenal projects, and build a well-rounded NFT ecosystem. Meanwhile, to better serve users and create a more dynamic NFT market, the platform offers zero handling fees for projects deploying directly on the TRON blockchain, and zero transaction fees for those minting on the APENFT Marketplace, enabling everyone to own an NFT.

For more information about the program, please follow APENFT Marketplace on Twitter @apenftorg or join the APENFT community here.


Officially registered in Singapore on March 29, 2021, APENFT is backed by the underlying technology of the TRON blockchain, with additional support from the world’s largest distributed storage system BitTorrent File System (BTFS). At the core of our mission, APENFT aims to facilitate the creator economy while catalyzing both financial and cultural inclusion in the metaverse. Our vision is to integrate both the virtual and the real worlds seamlessly. APENFT Foundation is the world’s first NFT art foundation that realizes crossover purchases. We aim to bridge conversations between stakeholders in the traditional art world and the digital art community emerging around NFTs, promote inclusiveness and diversity, broaden our multimedia audience, and increase all members’ engagement. In the future, our collection will be made available to the entire community through a series of curated online exhibitions in the metaverse.

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