Ukrainian pharmacies accept crypto payments with Binance Pay

A prominent Ukrainian pharmacy chain is accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies despite the continuing conflict.

On January 3, ANC Pharmaceutical made an official announcement that it will begin accepting quick payments from clients ordering pharmacy supplies online.

There are more than a thousand locations of the drugstore network throughout Ukraine, and they also have their own online pharmacy. The statement states that Kyiv would be the first city to receive Binance Pay payments.

This new method of payment will be accepted at all ANC pharmacies and all ANC Pharmacy-owned shops, including Kopiyka and Shara. In Europe, ANC, Kopiyka, and Shara are the first pharmacy to take cryptocurrency, according to the release.

Users will first need to visit ANC’s website and then download the Binance app before they can make a cryptocurrency payment. Users may place an online order, pay for it using Binance Pay, and then pick up their purchase at a convenient location.

Binance has made great strides in expanding its operations across Ukraine over the last few years. Binance established a partnership with the Ukrainian supermarket chain Varus in September 2022. This allowed consumers to use the Binance Pay Wallet to pay for groceries.

Because there is no prohibition on transactions involving cryptocurrencies in Ukraine, Khomyakov claims that using services like Binance Card to make cryptocurrency payments is legal. Likewise, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies cannot be used for in-person transactions due to restrictions imposed by local legislation.

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