US Navy Unveils ‘PARANOID’ Blockchain Security for Civilian Use

US Navy Shares “PARANOID” Blockchain Security Tech with Private Sector

The United States Navy is offering its innovative “PARANOID” technology to private companies. PARANOID stands for “Powerful Authentication Regime Applicable to Naval Operational Flight Program Integrated Development.” It’s a blockchain-based system designed to safeguard software during development and deployment from cyberattacks.

The Naval Air Warfare Center’s Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) in New Jersey created PARANOID to secure avionics software for the Navy. However, they quickly recognized its potential for any software development process requiring robust security.


PARANOID secures software throughout its development by verifying files across multiple locations (nodes) on a blockchain network at every step. Each action a developer takes gets recorded on the PARANOID blockchain, creating a permanent record of activity.

This system prevents unauthorized modifications during development. If bad actors try to tamper with the software by changing, replacing, or deleting code or files, these alterations wouldn’t match the immutable database stored on the blockchain, and the attempt would fail.

Partnering for Innovation

According to TechLink, the technology transfer partner for the U.S. Department of Defense, the Navy is seeking private sector collaborators through a CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement).

Nida Shaikh, a senior technology manager at TechLink, describes the ideal CRADA partner as “a company interested in developing solutions for securing software supply chains.” This could include software development companies willing to test and provide feedback on PARANOID’s scalability and effectiveness.

While PARANOID appears to be the Navy’s first commercialized blockchain invention, it’s not their initial venture into the technology. Both the Air Force and Navy have previously partnered with SIMBA Chain, a blockchain-based data exchange company, to secure their supply lines.

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