VanEck lists TRON ETN on Euronext Paris and Amsterdam

Singapore, Singapore, 26th September, 2021,

TRON has announced that VanEck Vectors TRON ETN (VTRX) will be listed on the Euronext exchanges in Paris and Amsterdam, following its listing on Deutsche Börse, Europe’s largest stock exchange on Monday. This is yet another milestone in TRON’s global push towards becoming an all-inclusive global settlement layer that powers the next generation of cross-border payment systems.

VanEck was among the first asset managers to submit a Bitcoin ETF application to the SEC. It has since launched one of the world’s first Bitcoin ETNs (VBTC) in 2020, followed by an Ethereum ETN (VETH) in 2021. The launch of TRON ETN opens up the future market of cryptocurrencies for European investors. 

”Working with industry leaders such as VanEck to make TRON accessible to all is part of our global vision,” said Justin Sun, Founder of TRON. “We are excited to have TRON ETN listed on the Euronext stock exchanges in Paris and Amsterdam, following its listing on Deutsche Börse.”

“We are very pleased that with these listings on the Euronext stock exchanges in Paris and Amsterdam, we can make our crypto strategies easily accessible to French and Dutch investors,” says Martijn Rozemuller, CEO at VanEck Europe. 

VanEck Vectors TRON ETN

Index name

MVIS CryptoCompare TRON VWAP Close Index



Tickers Euronext Paris/Amsterdam




Market maker

Flow Traders B.V.

Authorized participants

Flow Traders B.V.

Jane Street Financial Ltd.

Company headquarters


Listing currency


Base currency


Index provider

MV Index Solutions

Product structure

Physically replicating

Total expense ratio (TER)


Appropriation of earnings

Re-invested income

About TRON:

Since its inception in 2018, TRON network has blossomed into one of the largest open blockchain platforms. It is at the forefront of industry adoption of popular smart contracts such as DeFi, NFT, stablecoin, distributed storage protocol, etc. TRON enjoys a global audience with over 54 million in total user accounts. It is home to the largest stablecoin circulation (USDT) with more than 50% of the global market share and over $50 billion in on-chain crypto assets. In addition, it ranks top-three globally in terms of total value locked in DeFi (TVL) with more than $11 billion at present.

About VanEck:

VanEck has been driven by innovation and stood for intelligent, prescient investment strategies ever since its founding in 1955. As an asset manager, it currently manages some 83 billion U.S. dollars* worldwide, including exchange-traded funds (ETF), active funds and institutional accounts.

With over 90 ETFs around the world, the investment firm offers a comprehensive portfolio covering numerous sectors, asset classes and smart beta strategies. VanEck was one of the first asset managers to offer investors access to global markets. It has consistently aimed at identifying new trends and asset classes, such as gold investments in 1968, emerging markets in 1993 and ETFs in 2006, an approach that is still shaping the entire investment sector today.

Headquartered in New York City, VanEck maintains locations around the globe, including offices in Frankfurt, Madrid, Zurich, Amsterdam, Sydney and Shanghai.

*As of 31 August 2021

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