A Shiba Inu dog appears in the newest PlayStation game

The Shiba Inu community is thrilled after an announcement by PlayStation, a major gaming system manufacturer. 

PlayStation has revealed that the game will be released for PS VR2 in May. In “Humanity,” the player controls a Shiba Inu who awakens in a world where mankind has lost its spirit, intelligence, and desire.

The objective of the game is to lead wayward souls to pillars of light while avoiding combat with “Others.” The objective of the game is to provide orders to the followers through woofs, which they mindlessly obey.

The trials consist of a sequence of perplexing riddles and obstacles that need either acute cognition or quick reflexes, and sometimes both.

As the plot continues, the game features enormous fights, and players may build and share their own unique levels using the in-game Stage Maker.

Many in the Shiba Inu community are speculating if this is an indication of a prospective relationship with SHIB or Shibarium, a much-awaited Layer 2 solution.

Fans of the Shiba Inu have expressed their enthusiasm, with one user, Xanders Shib, remarking, “Very intriguing. Woof!” Nanang Airdrop, another user, wanted to know whether this news had anything to do with the SHIB token.

Notably, PlayStation did not mention Shibarium or the SHIB cryptocurrency in its presentation. The crypto community is quite interested in Shiba Inu only because the name has been brought up.

Late in 2022, Shiba Inu creators released a game titled Shiba Eternity. The collectable card game became accessible globally on Android and iOS devices at the beginning of October.

Shiba Eternity, first released in Australia and Vietnam, is the most detailed collecting card game to date, enabling players to customize their experience with over 10,000 unique Shiboshi characters and 500 unique collector cards.

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