Aave adds Chainlink’s reserve proof into Avalanche through BGD Labs

Proof of Reserve from Chainlink is now accessible on the Aave lending platform on the Avalanche blockchain enabling on-chain verification and market transparency.

BGD Labs, a development company specializing in the Aave ecosystem, lead the integration that would offer transparency for monitoring the financial health of liquidity pools on the Avalanche-based Aave platform including wrapped tokens such as AAVE.e, DAI.e, LINK.e, WBTC.e, and WETH.

Avalanche depends on bridging for a large number of Ethereum-based tokens that may subsequently be utilized on Aave. The bridging procedure involves securing a certain number of tokens and issuing an equal number of tokens on Avalanche, a process known as wrapping.

The security issues connected with wrapped tokens are one of the possible obstacles associated with their use. By providing automatic on-chain data feeds, the Chainlink PoR integration will allow users to verify that Aave markets are collateralized and mitigate the risks associated with employing wrapped tokens.

“Real-time access to the status of cross-chain liquidity pools strengthens the transparency and verifiability of the Aave market on Avalanche,” said Stani Kulechov, founder and chief executive officer of Aave Companies. Adding greater transparency to reserve collateral is a vital step forward that will assist increase end-user confidence and trust.

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