Afterparty startup gets investment from Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton already demonstrated her interest in cryptocurrency and NFT numerous times. Now she has invested in Afterparty, which offers event tickets using NFT.

Paris Hilton backs afterparty

Paris Hilton invested in the NFT-based startup Afterparty. The platform sells tickets in NFT.

Spencer Rascoff (co-founder of Zillow), Jason Calacanis (founder and CEO of, Andre Iguodala (NBA star), Desiree Gruber (American television producer) and Nicole Farb (partner at venture capital firm Headline) attend the round of funding.

In March, Afterparty distributed tickets based on the Ethereum blockchain at the first-ever music and art festival NFT, which was held at AREA15 in Las Vegas this year.

The NFT Afterparty collection was called UTOPIAN, and many celebrities have already bought it, including Heidi Klum (a German model) and Sia (an Australian singer).

As a result of lower transaction fees on the Polygon network, Afterparty is preparing to release its second NFT collection in May. Tokens will be available on the market in May.

Notably, the project’s goal is to become a prominent platform for NFT ticket distribution. How do these tickets vary from paper tickets? For starters, their owners get a keepsake in the form of a digital image stored on the blockchain. They can also participate in upcoming pre-sales.

NFT holders can transfer their tickets at any time to their own external wallets.

Paris writes about the NFT

Earlier this year, Paris Hilton confessed that she was fascinated by NFT.

Non-convertible tokens, or NFTs, are, in my opinion, the creative economy’s future. You can assist creators in increasing the value of their work and sharing it with followers in real time by utilising blockchain technology.

During the global pandemic, she observed that the lockdown policy increased “the importance of digital worlds and NFT.” She noted that today, many people move their lives online.

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