The statement by Amazon led to a drop in bitcoin price

After Amazon denied rumors about its support for bitcoin and created its digital coins, bitcoin price dropped by 8%. A representative of the company stated to Reuters that the information about support for crypto payments was false.

The value of bitcoin dropped by 8% overnight. Yesterday the price per bitcoin reached $ 40.5 thousand. Following that, the prices began to fall, and bitcoin’s rate fell to $ 36.3 000. On July 27 at 10:40, bitcoin was traded at $ 37.1 Thousand. According to CoinGecko (RBC Crypto), the capitalization for the digital coin is $ 697 Billion.

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Bitcoin price chart

bitcoin price

Amazon advertised last week a job opening for the head of cryptocurrency and blockchain at its headquarters. City A.M. reports that this is because of plans to accept cryptocurrency for payment. According to a source, the order comes from Bezos. Next, Bitcoin can be accepted, and also Ethereum Cardano and Bitcoin cash. The publication claims that Amazon will soon introduce its token in early 2022.

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