Amazon says no to Bitcoin payments

Amazon has rejected current reports that it is preparing to enable Bitcoin payments, mentioning that it currently has no strategies.

According to a Reuters report, Amazon continues to be interested in crypto markets but does not have any particular strategies for digital assets.

Notwithstanding our interest in the space, the speculation that has ensued around our specific plans for cryptocurrencies is not true.

A representative from Amazon informed the news agency. He confirmed that Amazon is looking at cryptocurrency payments.

We focus on studying what it might look like for customers shopping on Amazon

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Amazon to hire cryptocurrency expert

Amazon published a job opening for a blockchain and digital currency leader on July 22. London’s City AM. A popular business newspaper printed a brief article four days later. The report stated that an “expert” who claimed amazon was “certainly,” preparing to handle bitcoin payments and introduce native tokens. It was also prepared to incorporate the payment method with other top cryptocurrencies.

There are rumors about bitcoin payments

The crypto market’s best day since May was driven by the news of Amazon moving to accept Bitcoin payments. These gossips were discredited by the online giant, and Bitcoin dropped 7% in just one hour.

The first gossips about Amazon’s strategies emerged after Facebook announced that it wanted to create its digital currency, libra.

According to gossips, the price of Bitcoin has risen to around $40,000. A slight correction to current increases is currently underway.

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