Bakkt And Google Cloud Collaborating On A Crypto Payment Project

Bakkt, a cryptocurrency exchange, has teamed up with the search engine giant. The objective is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to a broader range of people. Users will be able to link their Bakkt Visa debit cards to Google Pay soon.

By forming this new collaboration, Bakkt hopes to broaden the range of cryptocurrencies that may be used to make payments. Working with Google Cloud is on the agenda this time.

According to a press release from BusinessWirepress, Bakkt Card customers will utilize Google Pay to spend their bitcoin money. Bakkt Visa debit card was introduced earlier this year.

The new method will let you instantly change bitcoins into fiat money before reaching the recipient’s bank account. You can pay for everyday items online and in-store by using digital assets this way.

As a preferred cloud service provider, Bakkt will also utilize Google Cloud as a primary resource. To deploy new analytical tools or services linked to artificial intelligence or machine learning, the business will use this instrument.

Bakkt’s strong position in the digital asset market is reflected in this collaboration. It has the potential to allow users to access digital information in real-time and securely. Furthermore, our partnership with Google Cloud will allow us to continue developing a best-in-class, innovative platform that can quickly expand to meet the requirements of millions of customers.

Bakkt has made many efforts to extend bitcoin use cases in the United States, and this new collaboration is just one of them. In August, the firm teamed up with Quiznos to test a bitcoin payment system at a few Quiznos locations in Denver.

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