Battle Drones Limited 1000 NFTs’ Sale To Begin April 21

Auckland, New Zealand, 20th April, 2022,

Solana blockchain-based play-to-earn game Battle Drones will be beginning with its NFT collection sale on April 21. The limited collection will only have 1000 NFTs, which will be minted in two different sales, and the NFT obtained will hold substantial value not only as a store of value but also for its utility within and beyond the game.

Battle Drones is a PvE and PvP play-to-earn gaming project built on the Solana blockchain. The PC drone shooter game is built by gamers for gamers, with a focus on fun gameplay and an immersive experience.

To further enhance this experience, Battle Drones features in-game NFT assets powered by the $BATTLE token that can be earned as a collection or can be traded. The game will also be coming up with its NFT marketplace soon, and the $BATTLE token powering the Battle Drones ecosystem will be having its own Initial DEX Offering (IDO) in late May.

The NFTs minted during the sales will also act as a customisable in-game Battle Drone character, consisting of ‘Drone Parts’ which alter in-game mechanics. Many of these drone parts will be exclusive to this sale.

On top of that, all NFTs minted during the sale will be made 3D, and holders of these non-fungible tokens will receive exclusive early access to the game upon release towards the end of June.

In addition to this, the NFTs also unlock all P2E mechanics and also provide access to PvP game mode, which will be exclusive to drone holders.

Furthermore, expanding on the utility of these tokens, the developers have enabled these NFTs for staking and loaning on the platform.

Starting April 21, 8:00 PM UTC, the Wave 2 Whitelist (WL) Pre-Sale will begin, during which WL token holders can mint the NFTs. These WL tokens will be airdropped exclusively on Battle Drones’ Discord channels starting Monday, following the Holders snapshot, and 1 WL token will allow the holder to mint 1 NFT. The only way to mint more than 1 in presale is to hold Wave 1 drone(s) at the time of the snapshot.

The price of minting 1 of the limited 1000 NFTs is set at 1.2 SOL, and the NFTs left unminted during the presale will be minted during the public sale. The public sale of Battle Drones NFTs will begin on April 22 at 8:00 AM UTC, 12 hours after the presale, and during this sale, each NFT will be minted at 1.5 SOL. Thus missing out on the WL Presale opportunity will cost users $29 more.

All of the 1000 NFTs will be minted through Battle Drones’ very own website, and adding to the anticipation, the Chief Executive Officer of Battle Drones, Ahmad Duais, stated,

“We are super excited for our limited 1000 NFT drop. These NFTs will be a great early investment into the Battle Drones ecosystem being very scarce and a part of the initial pool of trade-able assets.”

Going forward, all developments regarding the sales will be discussed on Battle Drones’ social channels, and in order to obtain a WL token and be a part of the exclusive WL Presale, one can follow the steps mentioned in the game’s Discord channels.


Project Manager

  • George Harpur

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