Binance Labs Invested in Elfin Kingdom to Expand Game in BSC Ecosystem

Binance Labs has invested in the Elfin Kingdom as a strategic partner. They want to make it easy for game developers and gamers to use and have fun.

The Elfin Kingdom is a game studio creator in the crypto-related space. It is a place where everyone can play and enriches the lives of its users by creating games of high quality that incorporate the advantages of crypto-technology. They can resonate with all sorts of personalities, connect people and enable everyone to improve and grow while having enjoyable.

When it comes to crypto gaming, Elfin Kingdom is the first GameFi and asset issuance platform to introduce IFOs (Initial Farms Offerings) into the world of crypto gaming. Additionally, Elfin Kingdom has integrated into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, which has played a pivotal role in expanding the gaming industry within the BSC ecosystem.

The Elfin Kingdom will start testing the game on the Binance Chain Testnet soon. Players will be able to capture Elfins and fight in the game, and the Farming feature will be in operation where players can earn and stake their money. The project’s goal is to draw new players, creators, and talented individuals for the Kingdom in creating a metaverse that will be the future of crypto-based games.

Brad Lim, Investment Director of Binance Labs, said: the Elfin Kingdom is an innovative GameFi project with a lot of potentials. Elfin Kingdom is introducing a fresh version of GameFi that is paired with DeFi. Eventually, players are able to stake DeFi project tokens in the games for additional advantages. It is our belief that the Elfin Kingdom will introduce a play for the free model to the industry.

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