Solana Blockchain Is Becoming More Popular

Following the latest DDoS attack, the volume of daily Solana network data traffic on GitHub has risen. As a result, the project’s native cryptocurrency, SOL, has grown to fifth place in terms of market value.

Santiment data shows that Solana has sent more data to GitHub each day than other projects like Polkadot and Cardano. Every day, 90 people on GitHub are writing about Solana. These events took place between November 12 and December 13. 

The recent DDoS attack on Solana has resulted in a significant surge in developer activity on the network. The network was severely slowed as a result of the attack. The fifth-largest blockchain on the market was able to resolve the issues without shutting down the network, but it raised serious questions about its quality.

The Distributed Denial of Service attack is a technique used by malicious actors in order to overwhelm, disable, or shut down computer systems or networks with an overwhelming number of requests.

The malicious hacker will send a flood of requests, often from multiple sources and locations to the targeted network. This can slow down or crash the targeted network. It is important to block these type of requests at your endpoint firewall or else they will be successful in achieving their goal.

In September, the Solana network had a similar issue when a surge in transaction volume resulted in a nearly 17-hour outage. At the time, the project’s founders could not overcome the problem.

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